About Headwater

Headwater was conceived and developed with the following premise and promise: CLEAN WATER, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Safe water. Portable power. Emergency communications. When natural or man-made disasters strike and emergency management agencies need to have essential equipment and infrastructure in place, and when military forces deploy, Headwater will be ready to deliver solutions globally. Deployable and permanently installed emergency water purification, power, and communication systems save lives, aid rescue/relief efforts and allow critical time for a return to normalcy. This mission was the beginning of Headwater.

World events and Headwater’s method of evaluating disaster solution systems have substantially broadened the company’s mission. Headwater understands the need for use specific state-of-the-art disaster relief systems and seamless integration. Headwater engineers evaluate and design platforms for large-capacity systems using best-of-breed technologies developed by companies all over the world. Our team evaluates existing systems and builds frameworks, platforms, and technology transmissions to permit the most advanced technologies to efficiently work together. We partner with the most respected companies, institutions, and engineering and manufacturing facilities.

Headwater develops systems at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. Systems include permanent hospital installations, deployable readiness systems for military use and disaster response, critical building preparedness, commercial and residential properties, and for environmentally stressed regions. Our platforms include cutting-edge technologies and self-sustaining power and emergency communications that can also be housed within lightweight, air-droppable modules to be easily and rapidly deployed.

Headwater disaster relief and response systems are being designed for rapid military deployment in war and remote locations and for hospitals and other critical infrastructure in high-risk areas.

The need for rapid disaster response is critical and far-reaching. Headwater is working to fulfill an essential mandate for improved disaster responsiveness by the U.S. military, government agencies and nations. The demand for integrated response systems is rapidly increasing.

Headwater at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, LA.

Headwater launches an engineering, developmental and advisory services initiative at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. Headwater is proud to be working with world-class engineering, scientific, planning and manufacturing experts, processes, and equipment. We are proud to be in New Orleans. While participating in the city’s economic revival Headwater significantly benefits from the extraordinarily qualified talent pool available throughout the NASA system.

Headwater Leads the Way

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As a new kind of technology company, advising and aggregating best-of-breed, rapidly-evolving technologies from worldwide sources. Structured to face the unpredictable nature of disasters, Headwater is infused with a flexible, can-do approach – with the consulting/advisory projects we take on, disasters we respond to, partners we work with, and technologies we employ.

Headwater is involved in response and remediation efforts in the Gulf of Mexico and affected shores and marshlands.

Senior Advisor and Chairman Lt. General Russel Honoré (USA ret,), CEO Bruce Bernstein and the entire Headwater team provide comprehensive business, logistics, technical, operational, and disaster-response experience and skills to advisory clients.

Headwater will globally improve disaster preparedness and response through imbedded and deliverable disaster relief systems saving lives and our environment.

Headwater News

CEO Bernstein Attends President Clinton Meeting on Haiti
CEO Bernstein Attends President Clinton Meeting on Haiti

Special Envoy President Clinton leads wide-ranging discussion