Headwater’s approach to disaster relief technologies incorporates agnostic systems integrating proprietary and existing best-of-breed technologies. Headwater evaluates systems worldwide and builds frameworks, platforms, and technology transmissions to permit the best solutions to work seamlessly together. Through partnerships with companies globally, we are able to utilize cutting-edge technologies to design flexible integration platforms.

Disaster Response/Relief Platforms for all Conditions and Uses

Transportability of Deployable Systems

  • Air-transportable on a variety of commercial and military aircraft
  • Land-transportable on a variety of vehicles
  • Capable of a two-man lift
  • Air-droppable


  • Capable of broadcasting a WiMax and/or WiFi signal to provide information to civilians
  • Capable of providing interoperable satellite communications with outside agencies and first responders; compatible with military communications systems
  • Capable of reporting on system health and status via secure wireless communications


  • Capable of operating with minimal manpower
  • Optimally marked with operational instructions in several languages
  • Simple green and red lights indicate proper operation or errors
  • Equipped with automated safety kill switches in the event of system failure


  • Meets environmental standards
  • Starts at temperatures ranging from –40°F to 125°F

Headwater Partnership Opportunities

Headwater is designing and developing state-of-the-art systems for and with companies and institutions with advanced, cost-effective technologies. These technologies are adapted and integrated into fixed and deployable operating systems.

Partners and Customers:

  • Hospitals
  • Disaster response/relief technology and service companies
  • Government and military disaster management and response agencies
  • Communications companies
  • Hydrocarbon contamination remediation and response technologies and equipment companies
  • Renewable power companies
  • Advanced materials companies
  • Disaster relief organizations
  • Systems and buildings architectural firms

Why Headwater:

  • Experience
  • Engineering
  • Product development, adaptation, and integration
  • Manufacturing
  • Military and disaster response relationship management
  • Leverage world-class management team
  • Non-threatening collaborative environment
  • Work more closely with disaster relief agencies and the military
  • Federal grant application expertise for non-profits
  • Improve quality of service to clients

Headwater is interested in discussing and investigating all technologies and developments or designs to potentially add to or improve the utility of our systems. Please contact us to discuss evaluating your technology to consider integrating into our platform solutions systems.

The Best Solution – a Culture of Preparedness

Every dollar spent on preparedness saves $9 in response. Please contact us for more information about Headwater and its preparedness solutions.

Headwater News

CEO Bernstein Attends President Clinton Meeting on Haiti
CEO Bernstein Attends President Clinton Meeting on Haiti

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