The Team

Lt. General Russel L. Honoré, US Army (Ret.)

Senior Advisor and Chairman

Lt. General Russel L. Honoré
Courtesy Rob Carr, AP

General Honoré is Chief Consultant and oversees Component Systems, Platform Specification Operations, Advisory Services and Logistics for Headwater.

General Honoré was widely hailed by the media as the “Category 5 General” who led Task Force Katrina in the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes that struck the Gulf Coast in the summer of 2005. He is a Senior Scientist with The Gallup Organization working on developing a system to determine levels of preparedness, a CNN Preparedness Contributor, and the author of Survival. General Honoré is preparing to release his new book, The New Normal. His direct experiences with both emergency situations and military operations underscores the importance of clean, safe water, anywhere, anytime.

Bruce A. Bernstein

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Bernstein

Mr. Bernstein is Founder, CEO and sole Member of the Managing Member of Headwater, LLC.  He oversees corporate management and Intellectual Property (IP) acquisition activities for Engineered Systems, Technology and Systems Integration.  Mr. Bernstein’s extensive experience in business management and finance includes having served as Head of International Corporate Finance for the Boston-based investment-banking firm Fechtor, Detweiler, & Co., Managing Director of a London, UK corporate finance group and Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Axis Partners LC where he directed capital markets, corporate finance, mezzanine financings, and merger and acquisition activities of a national law firm business affiliate. Mr. Bernstein was honored to have served in New Orleans as Chairman of the Fifth Anniversary of Katrina event honoring Heroes of the Storm for the American Red Cross.

David D. Tilton

Director, Technologies Integration

Mr. Tilton has extensive experience working with defense and clean technology companies in federal and commercial markets. He has secured significant new business for previous employers and clients and has a demonstrative track record in directing companies from the R&D phase to commercialization. Mr. Tilton works closely with the Department of Defense as well as the Departments of Energy, Homeland Security, Commerce, Agriculture, and State. He works extensively with major prime contractors as well as leading commercial OEMs. His broad technical experience includes clean technology, renewable energy, the datacenter industry, military command-and-control, sensor processing, supercomputing, and advanced thermal management technologies. Mr. Tilton’s responsibilities at Headwater include corporate and business development, proposal process management, teaming, grant writing, customer relationship development, and capture planning.

Matthew J. Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Cohen is formerly Chief Financial Officer and Director of Latitude Solutions, Inc., a public company water purification systems provider to the oil and gas drilling and agricultural industries. Mr. Cohen has for thirty years served as Chief Financial Officer for private and public companies and underwriters with extensive experience with public and private equity offerings, amalgamations, divestitures and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Cohen’s corporate and accounting expertise includes all aspects of Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002, SEC accounting and filings and internal controls for financial reporting, compliance, tax planning, derivative accounting and supply chain management.

James R. Birch

Sr. IP Research Specialist

Mr. Birch is an innovator, visionary and implementer with 20 years international experience in driving projects from developmental stages to the commercial marketplace, a task he is now overseeing for Headwater. Mr. Birch is using his deep understanding of the complexities of multiple marketing channels to maximize Headwater product penetration globally. Mr. Birch was selected as a Massachusetts SBA finalist for “Exporter of the Year,” based on his results in penetrating overseas’ markets with emerging digital technologies, one area in which Mr. Birch has extensive experience and served as Mergers and Acquisitions Director for Display Technologies for Sarnoff Corporation in Princeton, NJ, where he worked with Mr. Bernstein on commercializing Sarnoff technologies. He is now identifying partners, customers and relevant agencies in nations with which Headwater will operate. Mr. Birch will apply his intellectual property expertise to Headwater technologies and processes to facilitate entry into each market/nation, and manage patents and patent strategy. The market value of the patents for which Mr. Birch as facilitated the purchase or sale currently exceeds $200M. Mr. Birch works on licensing and transferring technologies as part of the Headwater total system delivery. Mr. Birch’s technological, international business and global marketing skills will accelerate Headwater’s growth and worldwide expansion. Mr. Birch’s experience in water technologies and advanced water management programs includes having spent two years in the Netherlands and Belgium where he studied those countries’ water management systems.

Chhe Taing

Director, Strategic Marketing

Mr. Taing is responsible for Strategic Marketing and assessment of business opportunities, merger and acquisition strategies, comprehensive market research and competitive product positioning for Headwater. He held prior positions with US Trust Bank of America Wealth Management Services and Bank of America Investments and earned degrees in Economics, Finance, and Management Information Systems from Fairfield University. Mr. Taing works closely with Mr. Gissen on development of online and social media strategies and with Mr. Tilton on strategic marketing.

Jay Gissen

Communications Director

Mr. Gissen is a highly experienced media, marketing and communications executive and formerly Editor in Chief of TV Guide. He has created, managed and led to become industry leaders many magazines, websites, organizations and brands. He has overseen marketing and communications for a wide variety of media, corporate and philanthropic entities. He was an editor and publishing executive at Forbes, Werner Media, Newscorp, Northern & Shell, Manhattan Media and other major media companies. Mr. Gissen combines his deep digital, content and marketing skills to advise large media companies (Cablevision), cutting edge industrial companies (Headwater), major institutions (NYU), well-known philanthropies (YWCA) and cultural institutions (New York Botanical Gardens) about digital strategy and development, marketing, communications, brand identity, media planning and content management.

Karsten Olson

Brand Management Coordinator

Mr. Olson has been involved in marketing, branding, and communications for almost 20 years. A well-regarded and recognized national design award winner, Mr. Olson is well versed in brand identity fundamentals, creating brand strategy and launching brand identity. He has applied this knowledge to create customer-focused marketing plans from mission and vision statements to collateral, public relations, advertising/media buying, tradeshow strategy, product launch, and campaign marketing. He has served many major organizations, including AT&T Wireless, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avista Energy, West Coast Hotels, The Port of Whitman County, Spokane County Conservation District, and Wright State Research Institute.

Don Tilton

Contributing Science Officer

Dr. Tilton is a highly regarded research scientist and experienced entrepreneur of 22 years having founded and sold several technology companies. Dr. Tilton founded and served as CEO of Isothermal Systems Research, Inc. where he managed the company’s growth from startup to over $40M in annual revenue, successfully navigating the business through several cycles. He later founded ventures including Ecowell and a not-for-profit organization, Green IT Alliance. With degrees from Washington State, Ohio and Kentucky universities, Dr. Tilton is a professor of Technology Ventures at Washington State University and serves on the Board of Directors for Palouse Discover.

Headwater News

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CEO Bernstein Attends President Clinton Meeting on Haiti

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